WHITE PURIFYING FACE MASK Normal or combination skin 80 ml.


Our mask works wonders to purify skin and help to gently restore balance.

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The Northern Collection provides delicate cleansing and care for each skin type thanks to a precious blend of wild Siberian herbs. NATURA SIBERICA revisits ancient recipes and shamanic traditions from the Northern Nenec, Selkupand Khantypeople, who have traditionally used these herbs to create wellness and beauty elixirs.

Our mask works wonders to purify skin and help togently restore balance. White Clay helps to removeexcess sebum, reveals a smooth texture and clearscomplexion. Wild Siberian Sage naturallyenergizes skin. Skin feels puried, revealing aluminous glow whilst feeling more supple.

Directions: Apply the mask onto clean dry skin, leavefor between 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly withlukewarm water.


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